DMSync for iManage

Get access to all of your Document, Folder, and Workspace metadata as soon as you get into the office! No need to wait for expensive developers, help desk engineers, or wild guesses.

DMSync for iManage©

DMSync for iManage

Law firms leveraging iManage’s Cloud DMS require a simple and effective way to view Document Profile Information, Workspace and Folder content. Today, there is no way to easily report on the content stored in iManage Cloud without development. With GDSI’s DMSync for iManage, the sync can occur nightly so the data is ready by the morning.

Key Features of a GDSI’s DMSync for iManage

  • Automatically syncs all document profile metadata from the Cloud to your local SQL Server (e.g., Client, Matter, Doc Num, Description, Author)
  • Supports an unlimited number of iManage Databases
  • Access to all CUSTOM fields, 1 – 31
  • Track when documents are created and last edited
  • Ability to run as a Windows Scheduled Task or a Windows Service
  • Develop reports or custom apps around this data instead of writing REST API apps
  • Access to folder contents and document locations
  • Workspace information, such as Client, Matter, and Folders
  • Simple and fast setup, takes minutes
  • Support for custom settings and actions using GDSI’s development services
  • Synchronizes content whenever you wish. Synchronization time ranges, though we have seen 9 million records in 1.5 hours.

Technology Platform

  • Local, on-premises Windows installation
  • Installed as a Windows Service or an executable for use within Windows Scheduled Task or some other application
  • Requires a local SQL Server 2014 – 2019
  • Logging for problematic synchronizations

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