DMDrop for iManage©

Import one or more emails to iManage 10.x from MS Outlook and rename the emails as they are imported.

The easiest way to rename emails upon import from MS Outlook!

Import as many emails as you wish into Work 10 Desktop, from your Mailbox, and rename one by one as needed. Attachments can be filed separately as well.

Features and Benefits of a GDSI DMDrop for iManage©

Supports an unlimited number of emails and attachments

Drag, Right-click, or Button select

Save to one folder or different Workspace folders

Separate the email to Work 10 or keep it all together

Rename your emails as needed

How DMDrop for iManage© Works

System Requirements

  1. A local, on-premises Windows installation using Work 10 Applications
  2. MS Exchange on-prem or hosted

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