Document Exporter for iManage©

Export all documents to a local drive, and take them with you!

The easiest way to export Documents from Work 10 Cloud or on-premises, right from Work 10 Web

Easy to setup, simple to use, and affordable to own.

Features and Benefits of a GDSI Document Exporter for iManage©

Users can choose their documents from any Workspace and add them to a “bucket”

Export a CSV file with all metadata

Option to convert all files to PDF format, and merge them to one PDF file

Support for Windows NTFS file length and character restrictions

Fully integrated with Work 10 Web Client

How The Document Exporter for iManage© Works

System Requirements

  1. iManage Work 10 Web
  2. Microsoft IIS Server
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2014,2016,2017,2019

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