Access and synchronize Litify’s Client and Matter data in iManage

GDSI’s Litify integration for iManage provides a seamless experience between two critical solutions.

Access the content you need quickly without the need to switch between two systems

Focusing on the most common needs of users working in Litify, GDSI built this powerful integration using its vast experience building best-in-class Salesforce and iManage add-ins using all available APIs.

Professional service organizations require a simple and effective way to access workspaces and documents between Litify’s Case Management system and iManage’s Work 10 DMS. In addition, by easily synchronizing Client and Matters using your favorite Workspace generator tool, users will have full access to Matters right from iManage.

As part of this integration, GDSI provides support for customizations in addition to assisting with your implementation.

Features and Benefits of a GDSI’s Litify Integration for iManage

Automatically deliver newly created or modified Client and Matters from Litify to a local CSV file to use in a Workspace generator tool

Access the iManage Workspace for a given Matter in Litify, using the actual iManage interface

Copy or link documents from iManage to an Intake, Matter, Task, or Calendar appointment

Connects customer Client and Matter number fields in Litify to iManage’s fields for guaranteed alignment

Support for iManage SAML providers

Get the most out of iManage with GDSI

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